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Návštěvník, dovolujeme si tě pozvat na již 7. oficiální Carcassonne fórum sraz, který proběhne ve dnech od 30.10. do 1.11.2020 v Olomouci. Neváhej a přijď si poměřit své síly v tradičním turnaji, zúčastnit se workshopu výroby kartiček nebo mít možnost získat "oficiální" limitované minirozšíření. To a mnoho dalšího již brzy! Více informací a přihláška v odkazu ZDE. x

Carcassone: Karanténa - Hra pre jedného
téma založeno uživatelem Bumsakalaka - 9.4.2020, 22:17
Na BoardGameGeek som nasiel navod na hru pre hracov v domacej karantene: "Quarantine" Carcassonne Solo Variant 

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Autor: Matt Lowder

Hra ponuka zaroven dva mody - Apokalipticku verziu Mode 1 a post-apokalipticku verziu Mode 2

During the Coronavirus pandemic that got very serious in March of 2020, I began making solo variants of games that didn’t have them yet, or just for popular games I imagined would be on most of our shelves during the quarantine period. Carcassonne is one of several solo games I made up, and the Geek List of my other solo variants can be found here, updated regularly: 

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This is for core game Carcassonne with the River expansion. It’s intentionally simple to grok. Playtime is about 10 minutes. You will draw a pair of tiles from a stack, discard one and play the other, following normal rules for placing your meeples with some special conditions explained later. For now, just know that you will be placing 18 tiles during the game, in which you must place all your meeples out in order to score. Unlike normal Carcassonne, none of your meeples come back until final scoring! Meeples placed in farms, churches, cities, and roads, do NOT return to you when you enclose their areas. All meeples only score at the end. This makes planning and scoring a challenge. Now that you understand some basics, let’s get into the finer points.

Place out the 12 river tiles as randomly as possible, starting at the source tile and ending at the pool tile. This winding river path creates your starting board. No meeples are placed at this time.

Shuffle all other tiles that would normally be in the game, and create a single draw stack of 36 tiles. All remaining tiles go back in the box.

Meeple Colors mean different things in this variant. Place one blue meeple on the score tracker at “0.” Now create your 8 person Meeple Team! Into your personal supply take:

1 red abbot meeple which can only be placed in a church
black highwayman meeples which can only be placed on the roads
2 green farmer meeples which can only be placed in the fields
3 yellow knight meeples which can only be placed in cities

Playing a Turn
Draw two tiles, place one tile, discard the other tile, then optionally place one meeple from your personal supply onto the tile you just placed down. That’s it. Easy. Do this 18 times. Then score.

2 Unique Challenge Modes and Scoring

Quarantine Solo Variant - - - -

This is the basic version I created first. In this challenge, all meeples must have three (3) tiles of separation between them or you lose instantly. You must also place all your meeples by the 18th turn. You must place the black highwaymen on different roads and their separate roads may never become one road. You must place your green farmers into different fields and they may never end up being in the same connected field. Your 3 yellow knights must be in different cities by the game’s end. Your red abbot and the church does not have to be surrounded by 8 other tiles. If the two highwaymen’s roads connect, if knights are sharing a city, if farmers are in the same field, or if there are not at least three tiles of separation between all meeples, you lose instantly.

Final Scoring - Mode 1
Score your game just like a normal game, but with these potential bonuses:
If both highwaymen end the game on two completed roads, 5 bonus points.
If your red meeple is in a church and completely surrounded by 8 tiles, 5 bonus points.
If all three yellow knights are in three completed cities, 10 bonus points.

<50 points: You’re new this aren’t you.
51-64 points: Average
65-79 points: That’s more like it! Great!
80+ points: Whoa! Masterful! Try the other MODE below!

“When the Quarantine is Over, Let’s Party” Solo Variant - - - -
In this mode, you want all like-colored meeples to connect! Ignore the “three tiles of separation” rule. Play with 2 Yellow meeples in your supply instead of 3. Do not use the score track at all. This is the harder mode. Points are scored much differently. Still draw and place tiles like in MODE 1.

When you first put out a meeple, just like the rules of Classic Carcassonne, it can’t be in a place where there is another meeple’s presence. But plan to connect same colors to win!

1. Black highwaymen must connect into one road by the game’s end. (Hint: keep it short and close).
2. Green farmers must connect their separate fields into one big meadow by the game’s end.
3. You must place your yellow knights in different cities segments when placing them out, but they must merge into one connected city.
4. Your red abbot must be surrounded by at least 6 other tiles. It is okay that the church is not entirely surrounded in Mode 2.

As soon as all four (4) of the above conditions are met, stop! Score is based on how many tiles are left in the draw stack:

12+ tiles left: MASTER (you finished in 12 turns or less! Lucky!)
10 or 8 tiles left: Excellent (you finished in 13 or 14 turns)
6 or 4 tiles left: Average (you finished in 15 or 16 turns)
2 or 0 tiles left: Below Average (you took 17 or 18 turns and barely made it. Tsk, tsk!)

Remember that in MODES 1 and 2, cities do not have to be complete.

For a greater challenge in MODE 2: use 3 yellow meeples. All 3 must share a city by the end. The city does not have to be complete. (NOTE: This could be problematic. During playtesting, there is a small chance that it will be impossible to connect three knights into a single city. With half of the tiles left in the box, the random set-up of the stack can make that frustratingly impossible even if you play perfectly. Cities are often incomplete in MODE 2.)
Want a greater challenge in MODE 1 or 2? You must completely surrounded the church with the Abbot.

Enjoy, my Solo Friends! Stay safe and have fun!
Matt Lowder
[-] 1x Eldenroot

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